Speech – Building Enterpeneurship for Vocational Student

Building Enterpeneurship for Vocational Student


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, and thank you very much for the time given to me. In this special occation, allow me to present my speech about “Building Enterpeneurship for Vocational Student”.


Today, Indonesia still have a problem about unemployment. From 290 million people in Indonesia , We have about 25 % is jobless. Unemployment still become big problem . Although, the number of educated people are increasing. But it doesn’t overcome the problem. That’s why, building entrepeneurship specially for vocational student is very important.


Ladies and gentlemen , Building intrepreneurship is , That “ School and home environment should motivate and fasilitate students to be an entrepeneur”. As we know that, SMK graduation are prepared to be skillfull and to be ready to work. So, the spirit of enterpeneurship is needed to support the ability they have.


Ladies and gentlemen, Let me start how to build enterpeneurship for Vocational student.

  1. Students will have contextual teaching and learning process. We find that, only knowledge is not enough to survive in the world of work. But it has to be supported by skill and also experience.

So, in the procces of teaching and learning , there should be an applicated knowledge and skill that student can learn how to be a real worker who have to be fully responsible and handle the problem. For example , in the subject of entrepreneur student  , student is given the skill of selling, how to create an interesting product and also how to manage the income.

And the other example , In the subject of Broadcast , the student can learn how to operate camera, how to make an advertisement, how to be a reporter and how to make a script. So, by having teaching and learning contextually it will be easier for student to comprehen the material to be applied as an entrepreneur in the future.


  1. At school , student will be given a big opportunity tobe an entrepreneur. For example : Student of fashion department. They have the production unit which give the student directly to make uniform for the coming new student. The students are trained to be a designer and sewer, so they can get real experience of making clothes.

And another example, Student of broadcast program, they can produce short film , advertisment , and report. There they can learn how to run a production house and earn money from that.


Student of marketing program, they learn to be a chasier , shopkeper, and manage the mini market and also for accounting program, there’s a mini bank for them to practice to be a teller and serve custumer.


Ladies and gentlemen,

To build entrepreneurship is also the responsibility of parents. At home parents should motivate and give good examples to their children to be independent , creative, and competitive by supporting the children activity related to their skill.


So, here .. By giving contextual teaching and learning process and opportunity to student . And they can involve in a bussiness it could be at school or outside school, I believe, that the spirit of entrepreneurship of vocational student will grow up. And hopely SMK graduation as young generation who are not only ready to face globalisation , but also can be a person who can provide job field for the others. And will give a good impact of lowering umemployment in this country.


That’s all my speech . Thank you for your attention . Good Morning.




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  1. Fine way of explaining, and fastidious piece of writing to get facts about
    my presentation topic, which i am going to present in academy.

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