Speech – Creating Leadership and Exellency among Vocational Student

Creating Leadership  and Exellency among Vocational Student


Good morning . Ladies and gentlemen.

And thank you for the time given to me. In this special moment . A would like to present my speech about “Creating Leadership  and Exellency among Vocational Student”.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Today , In the era globalisation which people are forced to be much more competitive, Knowledge, skill, and experience sometimes are not enough to compete in this era. The soul of leader and to be exellent are also important.


As we know that, Vocational students are prepared to be suitful and ready to work after graduating. It will be much better if they also have the spirit of leadership who has the ability of managing, organizing, planning, and controlling.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Creating leadership is that, school and home environment should support the student to be a leader at least for them self. Student is tought to be independent, creative, and they are given a chance to decide and solve the proble around them.

Exellency, “Vocational student should have smart, skillfull, hard working, and responsible spirit”.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me elaborate more how to Creat Leadership  and Exellency among Vocational Student.

  1. By giving an opportunity to every student to be a leader. It could be in intra or extraculiculer. Like class leader, scouting leader , the leader of OSIS and other student organisation. To create leadership also can be done by giving chance for each class to conduct the flag ceremony once a week. There will be a leader who is responsible for the run of ceremony.


For Example : in the process of teaching and learning sometimes, teacher devide the student into groups. There will be a leader of each group. Who will lead and conduct the group,

For Another Example: In Scouting, the senior will guide the junior to do some activity like ceremony, organized arrangement, and roping. There in the scouting, senior will be the example for the junior . So they will perform as a good leader.


To be a leader as I said before, that someones must have the ability of managing, planning organisation , and controlling. By leading in the school organisation or in a small group of students. The student’s skill of leader will improve and the important thing that student learn how to listen to others, how to addapt in any situation and how to solve the problem.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me move to the second way how to Creat Leadership  and Exellency among Vocational Student.

By creating competitive environment among the student , when someones faces a competiton usually he or she will have maximum effort and give the best to win. A competiton is as a stimulate for the student to present their quality. If it is done regulary , student will be acustom to perform the best and shoe their ability. For exmaples : In the process of teching and learning , students are always uncourage to compete with their classmate. Teacher can give assignment in competitive way. Like games , quiz, or role play . There will be the winner in the activity. In a class meeting there will be a competition among the student like speech competition , sport competition, and class competition.


Subject competition fo SMK student in one regional regulary like English, Indonesian or Math, Sport competition, and others student chompetition. If a student join to championship a student will be more convident and of course will exellence.

So, Ladies and gentlemen. The spirit of leadership and exellency among student will come true if school and home environment that support student to be leader and being responsible. Meaning that, the student is leading he or she is also able to plan , manage, organize, and control their own activities. And posibly they can lead others.


Ladies and gentlemen.

I believe if school give opportunity to the student to be leader and also provide competitive environment, They will have the soul of leader and to be Exellence one.


This all my speech , thank you for your attention , good afternoon


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