Speech – Heroism in the era of indepentdent

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you very much for the time given to me. In this special moment allow me to p to present my speech about Heroism in the era of indepentdent.

Ladies and gentlemen

in 1945 Indonesian heroes strugled sacrified and died for the independent of Indonesia.  Now ,after 65 years, are we still strugleling sacrifying and dying for our country?

Ladies and gentlemen

Heroism, here is the spirit of Nasionalism it means that, Now, in the era of independent Indonesian peoples must pet the spirit of Nasionality , Loyality, and Unity.

Ladies and gentlemen

Let me elaborate more

  1. From this period of Nasionality, now, we live independently.  We are proud of being

Indonesian, Having Pancasila as the state foundation,and having special character of

Farious Culture.


A Nasionalism one is someone who can save and apply Pancasila in the real life.  For example : at school, and and teacher do flag ceremony regularly.  And they can sing Indonesia raya as an identity by having flag ceremony.  It will sharpen the spirit of nasionalism.

And the and other example , as a good citizen, we must obey the regulation, participate, and supporting goverment program. And being a good controller to run the democrasy.

  1. Now let me move to the second way.

The spirit of Loyality, in this era where everything and grow fast like technology,education, and also marketing and trading.

Now we are facing AFTA and free prade makes Indonesia is flooded by foreign product.  But, We have to use and love our domestic  product.

And then, that existency of our culture should be conserved.  So it won’t be claimed by other country .  For example, we can wear batik for Uni from or for daily clothes.  We can use traditional herbal or we called Jamu.  And love traditional food and souvenir.

And then, grandson of culture,

We can use local language in daily communication.  Behave politely as estern people, knowing others regional culture.


School can provide traditional dance extrauliculer. Giving the subject of local lenguage and also wearing batik uniform. The spirit of loyality is the power and identity to counter the other country which like to claime our culture as the Indonesian Identity.


And the last, about the spirit of unity, We live in differences from Sabang to Merauke. From Miangas to Rote.  We are different in religious culture, and the way of thinking.  But, we are united by Binneka Tunggal Ika .  The differences of Indonesian people can’t separated us.  For example: – Be respectful for religious moment, – and other.


So ladies and gentlemen. The spirit of unity makes us , from many people become one to support the development of country.


So ladies and gentlemen, a hero in the era of independent here is a nasionalist one who are uncourage to be a good citizen , Who loved and conserve domestic culture and product. And the one who can defence for the unity of Indonesia.


That’s all my speech.  Thank you for your attention.  Good morning.


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I don't wanna be a "Copycat" but, something they need to copy.

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  1. thank you very much yawwww

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