Megatypers Online Jon. Get 1-3$ in a day

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Are you seeking for easy online job which would paid with high rate payment?

I personally recommended this chaptcha solver site : Megatypers

MEGATYPERS is an online chaptcha solver, megatypers is the same with protypers, you can access this site through atau both are in the same system.

How to work in Megatypers? 

It’s easy, you just have to register to megatypers and work, all you need to prepare before you register are :

  1. Email account
  2. Password
  3. Payment processor
  4. Use this codes 625V or 62NN if you need invitation code

What is payment processor? You can said it is like online wallet, your payment will send to there. Megatypers only use these payment processors, they are Paypal, PerfectMoney, WesternUnion, Payza, Bitcoin, and Webmoney. I highly recommended Webmoney as your payment processor, because it’s easy and safe.

After you register, you can login to your account and working


After Login you will arrive at Statistic page. In this page you can check the chaptcha rate, so you will know when the best time to work while the chaptcha rate is still high.

To work you can straigh to button Start Working


How is the payment system?

If you use PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza or BitCoins read this:

  • Your Estimated Balance is updated daily at 1:00am server time (please see on top of this page).
  • The payments are processed once a week, on Mondays at 5:00pm server time. It can however take until Wednesday morning before you see the funds on your account.
  • In order to get paid, your Estimated Balance needs to reach a minimum amount of $3.00 TyperCredits before Monday.
  • If your Estimated Balance did not meet the previous conditions, the amount you have gained will stay on your account until the minimum balance is reached and the payment will be made next Monday.
  • Once your payment process has started, a message with information regarding the process will be displayed (please see below).
  • After your payment is completed, your Estimated Balance will reset to zero ($0.00 TyperCredits).

Here are my recents transaction history:



Interested? Go straight and join to


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[ INDONESIAN Version klik here ]

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