How to deactivate CSP license and re-installing CSP (Clip Studio Paint) with the same Serial Number

*) NOTE : This is for legal purchased software only.  not for crack software 🙂

Clip Studio Paint is a great software for drawing, buat unfortunately their documentation about how use it is not giving clear information.

I’ve been so frustated looking aswer in internet to solve my problem about deactivating CSP because i want to change my device, and the license is only can be installed on 2 devices maximum.

But somehow i discover it myself. here is how i did it.

  • Proceed your CSP unistalled from your former hardware like you unistall any other aplication.
  • Make sure you prepared your CSP Serial Number first it would be 30 digits like this example : GFD54F-63GJDD-IDFDJ2-XXX838-7F7FJS
  • Installing your CSP into your new device, then start the program. click paint
  • At the beginning, System will ask you for activating license first. IF NOT you can simply open it from Tool bar HELP > Register license. and then a form box will appear.
  • Input your serial number to the field, then click register license.
  • Goto the link provided on number 5.
  • you should have deactivate your license first by clicking GO License deactivation
  • Copy and paste the code exactly with no error. then click deactivate
  • You will see message telling license is successfully deactivate.
  • Then you go to activation form again, or here :
  • fill the form, then click activate, you will receive confirmation key. copy and paste in field from in CSP. Done
  • If activation success, you will receive message like this .  The the prosess is complete. Enjoy your CSP ^^
  • If you have problem on your instalation, you can comment here.
  • And if you want to check my art please check here 😀


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