I give you great offer to be my exchange referral

Hi, im a clicker of PTC sites. I need stable direct referrals to help me earning from ptc. So I offer you to join with me to be my exchange referral. Here’s my PTC site that you can choose.

Clikit : 4 standart Ads

Probux : 4 Yellow Ads

Fusebux : 4 Fixed ads

Zapbux : Green ads and 4 Guaranteed Ad

Ekoclix :  fix ads & 4 Standart Ads

You can make me your referal after you become mine first. And I’ll only click ads that would give you credits from referral only (ex : Standard ads or Extended Ads) must be different for each PTCs. But, i will stop cliking if you abandoned my rules by stop clicking ads for me.

Then please write on the comment’s field below, tell me your username you registered under my link, your referal link, and what kind of ads i have to click to give you credits. But, i only could make one account for each PTC you requested. I would update the PTC list i registered as your referral.

Big Thanks and keep earning!

Tada… update, as i write on the rules above, i will be your referral after you become mine first. Here the list of requested PTC. waiting status means you dont complete my offer yet.

Requested PTC :

– Exchangebux by greatnation13 —status : reject because not signup up to 24 hours. exchangebux is available.

– Silverclix by nesteu99 —status : done


Tag : exchange referral service, PTC, Solution to get dirrect referral.

  1. Hi! Have a Good Day!

    Saya join ekoclix ya, ini link ref sy utk SilverClix.
    Kalo udah join kasih tahu ya . . .


    Saya join ekoclix dg usrname yg sama, nesteu99

    Happy clicking!


  2. Exchangebux tuker dengan Fusebux…gmn?

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